Whether your part will be made from molded fiberglass or thermoformed plastic, Arrowhead can help you with the product’s development from concept to production and everything in between.  Sometimes it’s a sketch on a napkin.  Sometimes it’s a sophisticated CAD model.  Sometimes it’s a previously produced prototype.  Regardless of where you are in the product design process, Arrowhead is here to help.

Engaging with Arrowhead in the beginning stages of the fiberglass or molded plastic product development process is ideal.  I have been witness to way too many fiberglass and plastic products with a beautiful design that cannot be easily produced.  As a custom fiberglass molder and heavy gauge thermoformer, we know all too well the pitfalls of poor part design.  Poor part design can result in parts that are hard to manufacture, difficult to replicate, may not meet the intended project parameters and ultimately, expensive to produce.  Involving Arrowhead at the beginning of the part design process is always recommended and can often times save money and headaches.

The end result of the design process for a thermoformed plastic or molded fiberglass part is usually a CAD model, print or hand sculpted prototype.  Although Arrowhead prefers that our customers provide the print or CAD model (with design input from Arrowhead), we can assist with the generation of these if necessary.

If a print has been drawn up, often times it is best to convert that print into a CAD model to ensure ac