Plastic Thermoforming and Fiberglass Molding Quotation Guidelines  


Please fill out the information as completely as possible so that we can adequately evaluate your fiberglass or thermoforming project.  If you are unsure as to whether or not your part(s) should be made from molded fiberglass or thermoformed plastic, Arrowhead can work with you to determine which process and material type is the best fit given your environmental and design parameters.   

Arrowhead has been in business making custom fiberglass and thermoformed plastic parts for over 45 years and thus we are able to offer valuable design suggestions early in the development stages of your product that may help reduce the cost of product development.  Therefore, we encourage companies who wish to do business with us to talk with one of our Sales Engineers before getting too far into the design process.  Rest assured that any information submitted to Arrowhead regarding your fiberglass or thermoforming project is considered confidential and is used only in correspondence between Arrowhead and you, the customer. Please refer to our Data Exchange information before sending any files or drawings to us.

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