Arrowhead Plastic Engineering

For more than 40 years, Arrowhead Plastic Engineering has been one of the leading custom fiberglass and thermoformed plastic molders.  Our main emphasis is contract manufacturing (i.e., Arrowhead builds, manufactures and assembles products to our customers’ design specification). Customers in industries such as OEM transportation, boat and marine, RV, defense, HVAC, construction, aftermarket automotive, mass transit, recreation, advertising, agriculture, industrial machinery, and architectural products rely on us to continuously manufacture their parts to meet their needs.

We help most of our contract manufacturing partners with design assistance and manufacturability planning.  This partnership with our customers helps eliminate unnecessary delays in production and reduce overall cost of fiberglass and thermoformed plastic projects.  Our forty years of experience in the composites and plastics industry allow us to keep up to date on the latest processes, materials and industry trends.  We then utilize this knowledge to help our customers determine the best process or material for their custom fiberglass or vacuum formed plastic products.