Exchanging Plastic and Fiberglass Project DataArrowhead Plastic Engineering has developed the following guidelines to help us better assist our customers. It is very important that Arrowhead obtain current, accurate and uncorrupted representations of the molded fiberglass or thermoformed plastic product with the Request for Quote (RFQ). For 3D solid models and 2D drawings, Arrowhead currently uses a CAD software package that allows us to view a majority of the “universal” CAD file formats generated.

The 2D drawings and 3D models allow Arrowhead to accurately quote and produce molded fiberglass and thermoformed plastic parts that meet our customers’ requirements. 2D prints allow us to accurately understand our customers’ tolerances, material specifications, revision history and critical dimensions. The 2D drawings also provide us with effective document control by allowing our employees to quickly determine if a revision has been made to a drawing. 3D models allow us to to examine the shape and complexity of a part and allow us to anticipate how the shape and design could affect the thermoforming or fiberglass molding process.

Arrowhead has invested in a CAD system that is very compatible with the majority of other systems on the market. Even with this investment there is no CAD system that is completely compatible with all file formats. Therefore, we have set the following general guidelines to ensure the most accurate quote possible and also to provide the quickest possible response on a quote.

Submitting Data for your Plastic Thermoforming or Fiberglass Molding Project

Our main goal is to efficiently acquire all project-related data from our customers and provide them with an accurate quote as quickly as possible. Submission of any type of data to Arrowhead Plastic Engineering, Inc. is considered CONFIDENTIAL and will only be conveyed to other people for the purpose of obtaining an accurate quote for your fiberglass or thermoforming project. We prefer data submissions to be done using our online contact form or for projects with large CAD files, please contact us by emailing Arrowhead directly using the email below. Please include all the information that you can with your submission (material, thickness, how the final part is going to be used, any fiberglass or plastic material specifications required, etc.).

  • Send submissions with large CAD files to: engineering@arrowheadinc.com
  • Please include a detailed subject line
  • Body text: Detailed description of your product, its use and files being transferred

Preferred File Formats

  • Sample Parts – this provides Arrowhead the possibility to see and evaluate an actual finished product
  • .DWG/ .DXF – two of the most popular industrial standards for 2D drawings
  • .PDF – Portable Document Format, viewable with a free Adobe© Reader
  • .IGS/ .IGES – “universally” used 3D modeling format, IGS files are supported by almost every 3D modeling software on the market
  • .STP/ .STEP – another widely used and supported 3D modeling format, consistently provide more accurate files than IGS format
  • .JPG, .GIF, .BMP – graphic image formats, provide digital image renderings for submission
  • .TIF/ .TIFF – graphic image format, provided a more detailed and clear image rendering

If you have any questions about submitting files or if you have a file format that you would like to submit that has not been listed, please feel free to contact us with your questions.